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Dave Gossett

Dave Gossett

Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Plannerâ„¢

As your trusted financial advisor, my job is to help you successfully manage the financial world. My approach is to first identify what is important to you, help you establish or communicate your goals, establish where you are today and to determine the smartest way to get where you want to be. We use a couple of different tools; one being The Financial Road Map (r) and two the 8 critical Wealth Management issues. Together, we create a financial plan that focuses on the planning and review of issues and goals important to you and a regular schedule to review and track your progress.
The Eight Wealth management issues are Investment Management, Cash Flow and Debt management, Family Risk management, Retirement planning, Education planning, Legacy planning, Business planning and Special Situations planning, such as weddings, vacation homes or special needs. All of this is taken in the context of your Income Tax Planning and your Estate Tax concerns.

Every day we strive to to be the best financial and tax planning organization in this community. We value our relationships and treat it as a privilege to help you with these plans, issues and amazing life changing events. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations. We place your needs first with the knowledge that what is in your best interest is in ours as well.

Areas of Specialty: Tax Planning, Accounting Services, Real Estate Taxation, Investment Management, Cash Flow and Debt Management, Family Risk Management, Retirement Planning, Education Planning, Legacy Planning, Business Planning and Special Situations.

Gossett & Associates is not a registered broker-dealer or independent investment advisory firm.